HVAC (Thermostats) This conference is for topics related to HAL's HVAC features and the third-party HVAC controllers that can be used with HAL.

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Default New Venstar Insteon Tstats

Venstar's line has included the T1700,T1800 Tstats which are Insteon compatible (with the Insteon adapter sold by Smarthome) and are supported in HAL. Venstar, has recently released however a new line of 'ColorTouch' Thermostats (color touch screen Tstats with icon programming) called the T5800 ColorTouch Thermostat (http://www.venstar.com) I checked with Venstar, and there is no port on this new line for the Insteon Adapter at this time. However, they are planning to introduce a ColorTouch Thermostat with an Insteon port in the near future according to their sales department.

I received this quote from them via email: "We are currently in the development cycle of the different iterations of ColorTouch. It looks like we will be releasing (one) with the Insteon accessory in the October/November time frame"

Thought I'd share this with the HAL community in case folks are considering an upcoming HAL / Insteon compatible Tstat!

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