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Exclamation New v6 Build 6.1.12

Last week we released an update v6.1.12 of HAL. Users that have purchased HAL within the last year or under a current software maintenance service may request this latest update. This is the link for the current errata

Information on how to receive updates can be found on the download page or for information on maintenance subscriptions

This update has a few bug fixes as well as new features such as creating Tags so that you can better organize rules, macros, devices, scenes or schedules.

This new version also includes our new HALws (web services api). This provides a means of controlling and getting data from HAL via a Restful api. To use HALws you must create an authorization token in System Settings which is used in your calls into HALws for authentication.

So as an example to receive a JSON list of macros you could send the following command.


{"MacroElements": [ {"MacroName":"ADJUST THE BED"}, {"MacroName":"CLOSE GARAGE DOOR"}, {"MacroName":"FAMILYLYROOM TV ABC"}, {"MacroName":"FAMILYROOM TV CBS"}, {"MacroName":"FAMILYROOM TV ESPN"}, {"MacroName":"FAMILYROOM TV OFF"}, {"MacroName":"FAMILYROOM TV ON"}, {"MacroName":"FAMILYROOM TV VOLUME DOWN"}, {"MacroName":"FAMILYROOM TV VOLUME UP"}, {"MacroName":"GOING TO BED"}, {"MacroName":"HEAD ALL THE WAY DOWN"}, {"MacroName":"HEAD ALL THE WAY UP"}, {"MacroName":"HEAD DOWN"}, {"MacroName":"HEAD DOWN MORE"}, {"MacroName":"HEAD UP"}, {"MacroName":"HEAD UP MORE"}, {"MacroName":"OPEN BEDROOM DOOR"}, {"MacroName":"OPEN GARAGE DOOR"}, {"MacroName":"RESET THE BED"} ] }

To execute one of these macros you would send the following...

http://<ipaddress>/MacroService!MacroCmd=Set!MacroName=Going To Bed?Token=a1j278kw72b4cd2s

{"Status":"OK", "MacroCmd":"SET", "MacroName":"GOING TO BED"}

Currently the following areas are covered by HALws

DeviceService - DeviceData
ModeService - ModeData
SceneService - SceneData
GroupService - GroupData
MacroService - MacroData
HVACService - HVACData
SecurityService - SecurityData
IrService - IrData
TelephoneService - TelephoneData
DMCService - DMCData
DVCService - DVCData (under development)
ShoppingService - ShoppingData (* under development)
SpeechService - SpeehData

Schedule Service (under development) - ScheduleData (* under development)
EMCService - EMCData
(* under development)
RulesData (under development)
- InternetData (* under development)
HALService - HALData

* Scheduled for next release

For more information documentation can be downloaded at


Tim Shriver
Home Automated Living

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