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You've heard a lot about smart homes and you think it sounds great. But you're not sure if you want to try it because you have no experience with a house that's smart. Well, congratulations! Home Automated Living created HALbasic just for YOU!

  • Voice Control

    The key to effective home control is simplicity -- how easy it is to use the system. There's no easier way to control your home than with normal, conversational speech. Once HALbasic is installed in your home, you can begin controlling a limited number of devices with your voice. Simply tell HAL, "Turn on the front door lights," or establish schedules by telling HAL, "Every night at 6pm turn on the front door lights for five hours."

  • Device and Appliance Control

    HALbasic includes some of the most powerful features of the HAL home control system at a fraction of the cost. With HALbasic, you will be able to talk to your PC to control a limited number of lights and devices in your home. You can turn lights on and off, dim them for scene lighting (all incandescent lights are dimmable with HAL), and schedule them to go on and off automatically whenever and as often as you want. There's no need to rewire your home - HAL sends your commands over the electrical wires that already exist inside the wall of your house.

  • Internet Information Automation

    HALbasic will make it easy for you to get the information you want -- when you want it! No more waiting for weather reports or sports scores on the radio. HAL will go out to the Internet automatically as often as you want, and will bring back weather reports for your area, the stock quotes you ask for, and a copy of your E-mail messages. The information is stored on the PC, just waiting for you to ask HAL, "What is the weather forecast for Thursday?" or "What is Microsoft at?" or "Are there any new E-mail messages?" HAL also downloads sports scores for professional teams, traffic information for select cities, and television listings. HAL delivers the information you want -- when you want it!

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