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The HAL Voice Portal is specifically designed and manufactured to deliver all of the unique voice control features that Home Automated Living’s award-winning software provides.

With a HAL Voice Portal in your system, you can:
Call from anywhere in the world and control your home by simply talking to it – as if you were there!

Let HAL manage your home phone system with 10 voice mailboxes, Caller ID announcing, custom messaging, incoming and outgoing phone logs, voice dialing, speakerphone, call intercepting and blocking, and more.

Pick up any phone in the house, press the # key, and talk to HAL to control your home.

Call from anywhere in the world to hear HAL read information it has retrieved for you from the Internet including E-mail, news, weather, stock quotes, sports scores, TV listings, and traffic information.

The HAL Voice Portal truly gives you the power to control your home by Voice from Anywhere!

The Internal PCI Voice Portal requires an open PCI slot in your PC. Connect the phone lines and go!

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