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Home Automated Living, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best customer and technical support possible. If you have questions or require assistance with any of our products, please use one of the options below to answer the question or solve the problem. Please note that while HAL supports interfaces to a vast array of devices from various manufacturers, we do not provide support for configuration or operations of third-party software or hardware.

> All support request require a Support Ticket to be submitted using our Online Help Desk.

Help Files

Each HAL software product includes an Online Help Guide with information on all of HAL's features and every screen. The Online Help Guide also includes a "How Do I..." section with instructions on setting up simple to complex home automation situations. The Online Help Guide is tied into the software so that you can open the Online Help Guide when any of HAL's screens is visible simply by pressing the F1 button on the keyboard.

The Online Help Guide is included with every HAL product CD and every update and upgrade and can be downloaded from this website. The Operating Manual is included with every HAL product CD and can be downloaded from this website. Go to Download Support Files for information on the latest versions of the Online Help Guide and the Operating Manual.

HAL Website

This website is intended to be the website where you go for answers, ideas, and assistance with home automation and HAL. Some of the areas of this website geared toward this endeavor are listed below.

  • The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting sections contain answers to many common questions, as well as the ability for you to submit your own questions. The FAQ and Troubleshooting sections are the best place to look for answers to your questions after looking through the Online Help Guide or Operating Manual.

  • The Troubleshooting section of this website contains helpful articles on installing HAL-compatible interfaces, as well as step-by-step instructions on setting up simple and complex automation sequences in HAL.

  • The Help Desk section of this website is where you submit questions for assistance with home automation and HAL. The Help Desk will provide you with a Tracking ID for your Help Desk Ticket and maintain a record of all interactions along with a status. Help Desk tickets are responded to within one to two (1-2) business days.


Technical Support is also available for Current Registered HAL customers by sending an E-mail to E-mails from customers of version 6.x or 7.x are responded to within one to two (1-2) business days. E-mails from customers of versions 1 through 5 are responded to within seven to ten (7-10) business days.*

In the E-mail, please include the following information:

  • Your Name and License Key number.

  • Indicate which HAL product you're running, the version number, and what operating system you're using. To determine the version number, right-click on the ear icon and select ABOUT.
  • If there is a problem with the software, describe the problem as clearly as possible and include the error message, if one occurred.
  • Does the problem happen frequently or does it only seem to occur if a certain sequence of events is followed? What are those steps?
  • Can the problem be repeated?
  • Were any other applications running at the time? What were they?
  • Include a daytime and/or nighttime phone number where you can be reached. We will not release this number to anyone else. We ask for this number in case we need additional information to resolve the issue.
  • Are there any entries in the HAL error log?


You can fax Home Automated Living's Technical Support department at 855-442-5435. Include the same information that's listed in the "E-mail" section above.*


HAL customers with an active Software Maintenance Subscription (SMS) are entitled to free limited telephone support . Those customers can telephone Home Automated Living's Technical Support department Toll Free at (855) 4-HAL-Help or 855-442-5435 extension 2. The Technical Support department is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm Eastern. (Technical Support is closed on weekends and all major holidays.) Due to fluctuations in requests for support by phone, you may need to leave a message. All calls will be returned to customers with an active SMS within one to two (1-2) business days. Please have available the information listed in the "E-mail" section above.*

Unsupported Versions

HAL does not support software versions older than 6.0.X. Should you require support for an older version 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, you will need to update your HAL product to be on the currently available version.

* This option is only available to those users who purchased a HAL product directly from Home Automated Living or from one of its U.S. distributors or dealers. If you purchased a HAL product from a HAL distributor in another country, then you must contact that distributor's Technical Support department for assistance.