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How does the Software Maintenance Subscription work...

Your Home Automated Living (HAL) License includes a one year Software Maintenance Subscription (SMS) which entitles you to one year of free version upgrades and new feature updates. After one year, you are no longer entitled to updates, but you may continue to use the HAL license after your SMS has expired. You may renew your SMS before the one year expiration.

The HAL SMS is the best way to stay current with the latest automation technology. For a low annual fee, you get access to the latest software releases, upgrades, ongoing support for operating systems, newly added features and enhancements as well as important bug fixes. All of which keep your system up-to-date and working with all the latest Windows updates thereby making the most of your software investment.

Q: What is an Update?
A: Updates are enhancements to HAL products. These updates often provide new functionality, are fully compatible with the base product, and are easy to install. Updates are available exclusively to customers with a current SMS.

Q: What is a renewal?
A: A renewal extends your SMS from your original purchase date for an additional year no matter when your purchase the renewal.

Q: I just purchased HAL for the first time. Do I need a SMS?
A: No. New HAL software purchases includes a SMS for the first year.

Q: I just purchased a HAL upgrade. Do I need a SMS?
A: No. HAL software upgrades include a SMS for the first year.

Q: How can I purchase a subscription and what is the cost?
A: Subscription licenses are sold directly by HAL, or by any of HAL's Authorized Distributors and Resellers. For more program details on subscriptions, you may contact HAL directly or your local reseller.

Q: Who is eligible for a renewal?
A: Any current subscriber is eligible before their one year subscription expires.

Q: What if I choose not to renew the SMS and it expires?
A: If you choose not to renew your SMS, you can still get free technical support by creating a Help Desk Ticket online. For telephone support, we charge HALbasic customers or customers without a SMS by the 1/2 hour with a 1 hour minimum per incident. Please note that you must have a current SMMS in order to utilize the HALnlp (Natural Language Processor), HomeNet Skill or the HomeNet app (HAL Android/iOS Smartphone App).

Q: If I don't renew and my subscription expires, does the license terminate or is it still valid?
A: Your HAL license is good forever, however you will not be eligible for updates after the SMS expires. So you can still use the products received with your initial purchase and subsequent updates.

Q: Why can't I just reinstate my SMS when I need it?
A: We view the SMS as an "insurance". Customers who maintain their SMS are the first in line to receive top-notch priority support and prompt responses to which they have grown accustomed. We have many loyal customers who maintain their maintenance without question. We don't think it's fair to allow anyone to simply reinstate their "insurance" when they need it with out a penalty.

Q: What if I missed my annual renewal?
A: There is typically a 30 day grace period to allow you to renew. Keep in mind that even if you renew 30 days after the expiration of your SMS, it doesn't change your SMS date by 30 days. Once you've renewed, you still have access to all the updates that were created and released while your SMS was inactive. The purpose of maintaining the SMS renewal date is to prevent access to updates by merely renewing when an update is desire. This is not fair to customers who maintain their SMS or to HAL for maintaining the software.

Q: What if I missed grace period for renewal?
A: There is a fee to reinstate a lapsed SMS based on the length of the lapse. This is generally more expensive than maintaining your SMS, but less than buying a new license in some cases. Should you decide not renew your SMS and subsequently decide you need a software update, the reinstatement fee is 30% of the current price of your HAL product license. Each subsequent year of lapse is an additional 30% of the current price of your HAL product license. After reinstatement, the new SMS date will be a year from the date of the reinstatement.

Q: Why is registering a product so important?
A: When you register your product using the License Manager you will receive updates, as well as special offers throughout the year.

Q: What are some examples of the types of support that is not covered by the SMS?
A: HAL support will not assist in the installation of non-HAL software, drivers or windows updates, transfer of HAL from one system to another or configuration of any hardware. For example if you are adding IP cameras to your home, they should be installed, configured and working prior to HAL support assisting with adding them to HAL. Any networking or router configurations are not covered by your SMS. HAL support can provide assistance with non-HAL related configuration items in increments of 30 or 60 minutes. This type of support can be purchased from our Online Store.

Q: How do I keep informed of updates to HAL products?
A: The latest versions of HAL will notify you upon startup. Starting in version 6.1.12, you can go into the About HAL screen to see your version and the current version available. You can also visit the Downloads page on the HAL web site for information on the current version and Errata.

Q: How do I download the latest update?
A: Beginning in version 6.1.12 you can get the current download link if your SMS is current. Using License Manager you can click the "?" in the upper right corner to open the Status Screen. Here you will find details about your license and the current publicly available version of HAL that you have access to download.

Q: Is there a limit to how often or how much telephone support time I can use of my subscription's support service?
A: HAL telephone support is available under the SMS for all products except HALbasic. For all other HAL products there is a limit of up to 8 telephone calls or up to 60 minutes of total support time per month. If additional support is needed in a given month, it can be purchased from our online store.
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