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Automate Your Home With HAL!


HAL’s vision is to provide consumers with the freedom to control their homes -- and all the wonderful technology within -- by voice or by Internet -- from anywhere.

To achieve that goal, HAL produces software and hardware at affordable prices that enable the consumer to speak to the technologies in the home -- whether traditional technologies like lights and thermostats -- or new technologies like personal video recorders and MP3 digital music players.

You can either install HAL software on an existing PC or purchase a pre-configured HALserver dedicated to running your home. Once HAL is installed in your home, it can send commands all over your house wirelessly or by using the existing highway of electrical wires inside your home’s walls. No new wires means HAL is easy and inexpensive to install.

HAL’s voice interface makes HAL easy to use. When using a HAL compatible modem, you may pick up any phone in the home, press the # key, and then tell HAL to dim the dining room lights or close the garage door. It’s a two-way conversation, with HAL confirming that it has, indeed, performed the requested action.

Is there an easier way to turn on the front door lights when you’re returning home late at night than to call ahead and tell HAL, "Turn on the front door lights"? With HAL, any phone -- anywhere in the world -- enables you to step inside your home and control it as if you were there. And you can ask HAL to read you your E-mail, give you a stock quote, a sports score or a TV listing -- because HAL automatically harvests Internet information for use when you want it.

HAL makes home control affordable and accessible for everyone. Users may choose the HAL product with the appropriate feature set to deploy as little or as much home control as they want. Choose among products that will enable users to control lights, appliances, devices, telephones, home theatre, security, pools, spas, curtains, shades, doors and more. With HAL's extensive scheduling capabilities, your house is easily configured to suit the way you live.

Home Technology, Networking, and Control are rapidly developing fields within Home Automation. HAL has been a pioneer in this industry for 25 years. HAL has adopted, implemented and assisted with the development of industry protocols over the years. HAL allows you to use all of these protocol within your home. HAL supports protocols such as Z-Wave, WiFi, UPB, Insteon, Lutron, Legrand, C-Bus, X-10, Vantage and more. With HAL you can use one or all of them in your home. If you already have existing technology and want to transition to a newer or different technology, you can use both!

HAL is a product that is on the leading edge of home control... And HAL is committed to staying out in front with innovations and interfaces to products that are affordable, easy-to-use, and very, very smart. Take a moment and review our current lineup and see if you agree.