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Known issues in Version 2.0
Advanced Home Automation
I have schedules created in my JDS, HCI, or PHC10D controller. Is there some way I can use them with HAL?
Can HAL handle 'If/Then' situations?
Can you create macros with HAL?
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Computer Issues
I don't have any more serial ports on my computer. What can I do?
How do I move the HAL data that I created on one computer to another computer?
What are the minimum system requirements for HAL?
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What is the product and dealership availability in foreign countries?
Is there a dealer in my area?
How do I become a dealer?
Device Communication Protocols
Does HAL use the CEBus protocol?
How do I connect my PBX Phone System to HAL?
Can I use the phones in the house to talk to HAL?
How do I set up the speakerphone feature?
Digital Music Center (HALdmc)
Can I control my house remotely with HAL?
Does HAL require special wiring in my house?
Is there an audible response to commands?
Why can't I download HALvoices like I download other HAL software?
How easy is the installation and integration of HALvoices?
If I can only get HALvoices on CD, then will I have to order a new CD for each update?
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Home Theatre/Infrared
How do I send infrared signals with HAL and the HomeVision Controller?
It states in the literature that HAL can control infrared devices, such as televisions, VCRs, and CD players. How does it do this?
Can HAL send and receive infrared (IR) commands?
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How Do I...?
How do I install a Power Line Adapter?
How do I install X-10 devices?
I upgraded HAL2000 to the new 1.3.23 version and now I'm getting an "Error Loading ASR DLL" when I try to start HAL.
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How many devices can I connect to HAL?
Can this system manage greenhouse conditions like humidity, temperature, etc.?
Is there a way to connect analog and digital inputs?
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I use a Proxy Server to access the Internet. How do I set up HAL to use the Proxy Server?
I use a LAN, DSL, ISDN, cable modem, or similar setup to connect to the Internet. How do I set up HAL to use this connection?
How can I browse the Internet while HAL is running?
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Is it possible to install microphones in each room in order to issue commands to HAL?
I'm trying to talk to HAL through a microphone, but it's not working.
How do I activate the microphone with HAL?
I want to move HAL to a different hard drive or I'm going to make hardware changes to the current computer. What will this do to HAL's registration?
I already registered HAL. Why is it asking for a registration number again?
How do I register and obtain a license to use HAL?
What security systems interface with HAL?
How does the security feature work in HAL?
How do I use HAL as a Speakerphone?
How do I install my HAL-compatible modem?
What phone systems will work with HAL?
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Thermostat Control
What thermostats will work with HAL?
Will HAL control multiple thermostats?
Voice Recognition
Does HAL work with Dragon Dictate or other dictation programs?
Is HAL's voice recognition speaker-independent?
At what sampling rate does HAL process the voice input (microphone and telephone)?
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What is phase coupling and how do I know when I need it?
When in HAL Setup or Configuration, what X-10 interface type do I select?
What is X-10?

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