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HALdeluxe gives you the power to control your home by Voice from anywhere! It's our intermediate home control solution - a muscular mix of Automation, Internet Information, and Voice! Affordable, Easy, Smart - Very Smart!

  • Voice Control

    The key to effective home control is simplicity - how easy it is to use the system. There's no easier way to control your home than with normal, conversational speech. Once HALdeluxe is installed on your PC, you can begin telling your home what to do from anywhere on earth!

  • Control Lights, Devices and Appliances

    HALdeluxe requires NO NEW WIRES so it's simple to install! Commands are sent over the existing electrical wiring in the house to control lights and devices and other electrical appliances.

    You can control every light in your house with HALdeluxe. Schedule your lights to go on and off according to your lifestyle. HAL tracks sunrise and sunset by location. Tell HAL to turn your front door lights on at dusk every night and off at 11:30pm. Set up lighting scenes. For instance, when you tell HAL that it's "It's time for a movie," HAL could then dim the lights in the family room.

    HAL will operate appliances, too, like coffee makers and popcorn poppers. Tell HAL to brew the coffee every morning at 7am. Even more impressive is HAL's power to link numerous actions together. In addition to dimming the family room lights when you say, "It's time for a movie," you could also have HAL begin popping the popcorn.

  • Telephone Control

    HALdeluxe will team up with your telephone and your PC to give your home all the power of a Voice Portal! You'll be able to call your home and control it by VOICE. You can tell HAL to read you your E-mail, stock quotes, sports scores, weather, and more information that HAL has retrieved from the Internet! Of course, HALdeluxe will also be your digital answering machine - with ten (10) voice mailboxes, Caller-ID announcing, custom greetings and message storage capacity as big as your hard drive! HALdeluxe Telephone Control features are detailed on the HAL features chart.

  • Internet Information Automation

    HALdeluxe makes it easy for you to get the information you want - when you want it! No more waiting for weather reports or sports scores on the radio. HAL will go out to the Internet automatically as often as you want, and bring back weather and traffic reports for your area, your stock quotes, a copy of your E-mail messages, TV listings, and headline news. The information is stored on the PC, just waiting for you to ask HAL, "What is the weather forecast for Thursday?" or "What is Microsoft at?" or "Read my E-mail messages." HAL delivers the information you want - when you want it - in the home - or anywhere in the world by phone!

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