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The HAL Digital Music Center is designed to give you the same easy voice control of your entire music collection that HAL extends to all of the devices in your home.

With the HAL Digital Music Center (DMC) you can "rip" all of your CDs onto your PC’s hard drive. The DMC will automatically categorize your music by artist, song, album, genre, and year. You can tell HAL to play a single song –- or all the music by a particular artist. Tell HAL to play jazz –- or all the music in your collection from 1985! You can create custom play lists for even greater control of your music. Finally, all of your music is at the tip of your tongue!

In addition to making your music more accessible, HAL will help you bring your music into the way you live in your home. Using popular HAL features like Room Scenes and House Modes, you can select music for HAL to play when you are dining or reading or partying! Tell HAL to put the house in "dinner mode" and you might have the lights dim in the dining room and your HAL DMC will play a collection of your most appetizing tunes!

Watch the HAL Online Store for hardware solutions that will deliver your HAL DMC music to your home audio system so you can listen to your HAL DMC selections through your existing receiver/speakers.


  Plays MP4, MP3 and WMA (Windows Media) files stored on the computer.

  Supports Internet Radio streams. Create Favorite Stations lists.

  Copies music CDs to your computer. Music is stored in a compressed format so that you can copy even more music!

  Create your own play lists or use lists created automatically by the DMC (based on artist, song, album, genre, and year).

  Command the DMC by voice. Play songs in a play list, play a specific song, set a play list to "random" mode -– all the features of the DMC controlled by simple commands.

  Control the DMC as actions in modes, schedules, and tasks. You can even use the DMC in If/Then Situations (HALdeluxe and HALultra only).

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