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Troubleshooting - Automation
Hal didn't run a scheduled event.
I get an error when I try to add a Grouped Task (Macro).
Troubleshooting - Device Control
I told HAL to turn a light on, but it didn't work.
It is taking HAL at least 5 seconds to dim a light.
I told HAL to dim a light to a certain level, but it doesn't seem to be at the level I requested.
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Troubleshooting - Error Messages
I get a "DLL Failed on ASR database function" error when I try to install or run HAL.
I upgraded to version 1.3.50 and I get an "RT Error 430" message when HAL starts.
I upgraded HAL2000 to the new 1.3.23 version and now I'm getting an "Error Loading ASR DLL" when I try to start HAL.
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Troubleshooting - HomeNet
I get the message "The page cannot be displayed" when I try to access the HomeNet.
I can't play my voicemail through the HAL HomeNet.
I can't dim a light to a higher level after dimming it once. I have to turn the light off then turn it back on.
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Troubleshooting - Interacting With HAL
I'm trying to talk to HAL through a microphone, but it's not working.
I'm trying to talk to HAL through a house phone, but it's not working.
I said the attention word, but HAL's not responding.
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Troubleshooting - Internet
I can't play music CDs, MP3 files, or voice chat over the Internet when HAL is running.
I see a HAL Internet Maintenance screen appear sometimes when opening HAL or at certain times while HAL is running. Is there a problem?
I asked HAL for information from the Internet, but it said that there was no information available.
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Troubleshooting - System Functions
The registration screen keeps appearing, even though I already registered the software.
HAL Setup didn't detect my power line adapter.
HAL Setup didn't detect my modem.
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Troubleshooting - Telephone Control
HAL isn't answering the phone when I call in.
When I pick up the house phone and press '#', HAL doesn't respond.
My local phone(s) doesn't work with HAL.
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