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How Do I...? Device Control
How do I control a light or appliance from the computer?
How do I have lights turn on automatically when I enter a room?
How do I have the same lights turn on at different times, depending on which "mode" I've set the house to ("Vacation Mode", "At Work Mode", "Night Mode", etc.)?
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How Do I...? HomeNet
How do I get my computer's IP address?
How do I get my computer name?
How Do I...? Setup
How do I make sure HAL starts automatically if my computer reboots?
How do I set up HAL to use two different modems, one for retrieving Internet information and one for telephony features (recording voice mail messages, etc.)?
How do I set up house phones to work with HAL?
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How Do I...? Voice Interaction
How do I get HAL's attention so that I can talk to it?
How do I set it up so that I can talk to HAL from any room in the house?
How do I access my house from a remote location and give it commands?
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How Do I...? Voicemail
How do I change the type of greeting HAL will use for incoming calls?
How do I add a mailbox to HAL's answering machine?
How do I retrieve my messages from a remote location?
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