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HALdmc - CD Playing and Recording
Why do some of my CDs not show information in the HALdmc Recorder screen even after HAL tries to get information for it?
What if I don't want HAL to prompt me every time I put a CD in the CD-ROM drive?
HALdmc - Error Messages
When I try to record music from a CD, I get the error message, "HAL cannot locate your CD-ROM".
HALdmc - Purchase/Install
What is the HALdmc and how is it different from other music players such as WinAmp or Windows Media Player?
How much does the HALdmc cost and where can I get it?
How do I get upgrades for the HALdmc and is there a charge for upgrades?
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HALdmc - Song/Play Lists and Song Info
Category: HALdmc - Song/Play Lists and Song Info I ask HAL to play one artist but it plays another one instead. How can I improve recognition?
Why do some of my songs show up as "Unknown" or are blank in the HALdmc screen?
How do I play a specific song by voice?
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HALdmc - Using the DMC
What are the "Interaction Settings" options in the DMC Settings screen for?
What is "Scanning" and when do I need to do it?
How do I view music by artist, album, song, genre, or year?
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HALdmc - Whole-House Music Playing
How do I get the HALdmc to play music in different locations in my home?

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